Re: FreeBSD has a politics problem

From: Bryan Drewery <>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2018 09:37:37 -0800
On 3/4/2018 10:40 PM, Franco Fichtner wrote:
> Hi there,
>> On 4. Mar 2018, at 10:02 PM, Jeff Roberson <> wrote:
>> First of all this is really not an appropriate forum for this discussion.
> Nobody discusses it elsewhere.  "Decisions" are made between closed doors.
> How anyone would think this doesn't blow up later is at least unreasonable.

I said this in a reply not CC'd to freebsd-current_at_, but Jeff is right
about "this" not being an appropriate forum for discussion.
freebsd-current_at_ is a strictly technical list. I will only ask that
further replies not CC freebsd-current_at_ and stick to freebsd-advocacy_at_
only where it seems like a more appropriate place for this sort of

Bryan Drewery

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