Re: FreeBSD has a politics problem

From: Franco Fichtner <>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2018 07:40:48 +0100
Hi there,

> On 4. Mar 2018, at 10:02 PM, Jeff Roberson <> wrote:
> First of all this is really not an appropriate forum for this discussion.

Nobody discusses it elsewhere.  "Decisions" are made between closed doors.
How anyone would think this doesn't blow up later is at least unreasonable.

> There is a lot of catastrophizing going on in the dialog, especially that on third party sites and among non-committers.

This is where the project friction is at.  In a perfect world you don't
need users, external contributors and fresh ideas to keep a project moving
forward, but we are not in a perfect world.

I personally find it silly to keep begging for 6 years for someone to commit
something.  It has gotten to a point where I'd rather not bother to contribute
because working around issues is less time-consuming.

In community management terms, that's a major flaw.

> I would urge everyone to be calm and patient.  This is an important dialog and it's bound to be bumpy.  I also strongly urge people to refrain from discussing it further on technical lists where it is counter productive and unwelcome.

So you are saying "shut up" and be patient like we've never been patient in
the last couple of years?  That's bold, but unfortunately also consistent MO.

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