Re: Testing requested: Hybrid ISO/USB boot

From: O'Connor, Daniel <>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2018 12:34:31 +1030
> On 24 Mar 2018, at 07:31, Benno Rice <> wrote:
> I think I’ve addressed this in this revision:
> <>
> And I’ve regenerated the image here:
> <>

Hi Benno,
I tried this image on a Supermicro SYS-5019S-M (X11SSH-Fmotherboard) and it boots both ways (USB was via a USB stick, ISO was via the IPMI CD emulation with the Java JNLP applet)

The USB way booted legacy and the CD emulation booted UEFI (not sure if that's significant).

I also tried renaming it to .img and then telling the JNLP applet it was a hard disk image but the BIOS didn't detect it.

It also has a 'Web ISO' option but I can't figure out how you're supposed to enter a URL so I couldn't try it.

Thanks for the work!

Daniel O'Connor
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