Re: Question about 'gptzfsboot'

From: Thomas Laus <>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2019 14:27:48 -0400
On 2019-04-29 11:14, Ian Lepore wrote:
> I'm fighting my own video driver troubles (seems like a lot of that
> going around lately); on an upgrade of a machine from 11-stable to 12-
> stable I lost my console.
> But, a broken kernel and/or userland shouldn't affect your ability to
> use the new boot components.  That is, you can use gptzfsboot and
> loader that contain my fixes, and use them to load an older kernel that
> has working video drivers.

It was more than a broken console.  All of the other 2 computers that I
upgraded to r346885 were essentially 'dead'.  I could not even remotely
login to them via ssh.  All of them required a hard power button reset
to get into single user mode to let me comment out the rc.conf line that
loads the DRM driver.  The computer could successfully boot without DRM
activation but would go to a black console screen again with 'startx'.
This also required a hard power button shutdown.  I rolled back to
r346544 and everything worked again like before.

My disastrous update to r346885 included installing a new gptzfsboot and
pmbr in the drive boot record.  I did not try booting an older kernel
using the new gptzfsboot.  I was concerned about the lack of ssh login
when the computers lost their console, so I just rolled back my system
to the last snapshot made a week ago.


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