Re: What is evdev and autoloading?

From: Mark Millard <>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2019 15:04:41 -0800
On 2019-Feb-17, at 10:03, Steve Kargl <sgk at> wrote:

Anyone have insight into what evdev is?  There appears to
be no manual page.  When I reboot a system with custom
kernel, the system is autoloading evdev.ko, uhid.ko, and
wmt.ko.  I do not need nor what these modules loaded.
How does one prevent this autoloading?

Looking via the web lead to:

       evdev - Generic Linux input driver

       Section "InputDevice"
	 Identifier "devname"
	 Driver	"evdev"
	 Option	"Device"   "devpath"
	 Option	"Emulate3Buttons"     "True"
	 Option	"Emulate3Timeout"     "50"
	 Option	"GrabDevice"	 "False"


	evdev is an Xorg input driver for Linux's generic event devices. It
	therefore supports all input  devices  that  the kernel	 knows about,
	including most mice, keyboards, tablets and touchscreens. evdev
	is the default driver on the major Linux distributions.
. . .

but it seems to not have a 13-current entry. It does have
a 12.0-RELEASE entry.

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