Re: UEFI boot broken in 13?

From: Johannes Lundberg <>
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2019 19:48:51 -0700
On 6/3/19 7:25 PM, Rodney W. Grimes wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm using poudriere-image to create usb memstick images. The images are
>> identical except OS version. They are tested on a laptop with 13-CURRENT
>> installed as only OS, having UEFI boot and root on zfs.
>> 12-STABLE memstick boots fine with in UEFI mode.
> Does it actually boot via a UEFI, or did UEFI fall back to CSM
> and do a legacy boot?
> What does "sysctl machdep.bootmethod" say?
> machdep.bootmethod: BIOS

It says UEFI (it is also easy to see the difference between legacy and
uefi boot on the font / font size used so I didn't doubt this).

>> With 13-CURRENT memstick it boots the installed FreeBSD from the SSD
>> instead (I choose USB UEFI OS in boot menu but it silently boots from
>> the SSD instead). If I switch to legacy boot, the memstick image boots fine.
>> Any ideas?
> The .iso building was updated to create hybrid boot images some
> time back, these .iso images should be usable as boot .iso on a
> cd/dvd and as memstick images.  I would encourage there use over
> the memstick images, as there is a plan to remove them once we
> get better experience with the hybrid .iso.

I don't think that would affect things built with poudriere image.
(poudriere image -t usb ....)

The jails used are download via ftp for both 12 and 13 (created by
poudriere as well).

> It is also possible that something has munged the boot in head.
> Have you tried a downloaed ^/head snapshot from the last week,
> as it could also be your build system that is not producing
> a proper boot image?

My 13-CURRENT jail is always latest snapshot.

poudriere image does the same regardless of release: download tarballs,
extract to dir, makefs, mkimg. I don't see why it would work for 12 but
not 13. I can try a newer snapshot later.

>> /Johannes
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