Rotating (efi) framebuffer

From: Johannes Lundberg <>
Date: Thu, 2 May 2019 09:06:28 -0700

I have a Lenovo Ideapad where the screen is rotated 90 degrees and I
can't rotate it to landscape mode until I'm in X. How many of you are in
the same situation and would like a fix? Seeing how development is going
with small (tiny) computers it will probably be more and more common
with ultra portables having a "phone screen" which most likely is in
portrait mode by default. This also applies to embedded and home brew /
prototype devices.

It would certainly be nice if we could have a boot time parameter that
could rotate the framebuffer (just as a data point, I'm pretty sure
Linux can do this). How many would be interested in this? Is there
anyone working on this atm? Not sure I will have the time to develop
this all of my own but thought I'd check the interest at least. Perhaps
a GSoC project?

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