Danish FreeBSD Developer hates jews collectively

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Date: Thu, 09 May 2019 18:03:04 +0000
Background: Apparently a FreeBSD developer, a viking looking fellow,  
has been hiding a secret: just as many of his predecessors in the Danish 
cities during WWII (collaborators); He has a disdain for "the jews" 

(No great surprise: he is a european, and past actions speak louder than 
any present words.)

Thus he blaims them collectively for the modern military slaughter of 
innocents we see from all modern militaries (Usually it's the USA 

Apparently there was a debate, you can see it here: 

He also seems to lament the Danish uprisings against the nazis of the 
past (which he sees as not the finest thing).

So he's clearly a white who hates the jews.
He probably has no problem with white women ruling over him, ofcourse: 
that's "the way it should be".

Then someone decided to attempt to "CoC" him (report him and get him 
thrown out of FreeBSD).

No man should be thrown out of a code project for their beliefs 
regarding endless slaughter. Slaughter is the "work" of men: and it is 
right for them to have an opinion regarding it - it is only natural. The 
blacksmith has an opinion on the qualities of various sourced iron, the 
thresher: his grain, and the man: in what ways and quantities blood 
should be shed.

(Women should be thrown out of code projects before they utter a word, 
naturally, for banning men from marrying young girls, ofcourse (YHWH 
allows men to marry young girls: Devarim chapter 22 verse 28 (na'ar 
(hebrew masoretic text: child)) (padia (greek septuagint: child)) 
(puella (latin vulgate: young girl)))

So, in furtherance of the principal that men, who are murderous by 
blood, should be free to discuss their ancestral occupation: 
Poul-Henning Kamp has been sent this message regarding license 
revocation and gratis non-exclusive license: 

"No slaughter" is a ... valid ... view. At least for a time. It is his 
right to hold it, Though not a realistic view
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