Re: Danish FreeBSD Developer hates jews collectively

From: Enji Cooper <>
Date: Thu, 9 May 2019 12:16:35 -0700
> On May 9, 2019, at 11:03 AM, wrote:

This is the only reply I’m going to give to this thread that seems like obvious troll bait.

As a native English speaker who often gets into debates about controversial issues with respect to concepts like classism, LGBTIQ issues, race issues, etc, the argument phk_at_ made wasn’t necessary in favor of anti-semitism from the perspective of hating Jewish people or their culture/religion; it was more or less commentary about policy issues with Israelis vs Palestine, apartheid, the Gaza strip occupation and the fact that some of the Israeli people aren’t acting out against the issues between both parties in an attempt to end the conflict. With this in mind, it was a poorly worded response which led to a slippery slope in a discussion, done on a social medium (Twitter) that seems to get blown out of proportion really quickly (trolls and misinterpretation abound).

This kind of reasoning presented sounds a lot like cognitive dissonance employed by the far-right in America vs individuals like Rep. Ilhan Omar, etc, where they play the victim in order to make leftist groups look like they tolerate hate against certain groups (in this case Jewish people). Does that mean that the left has anti-Semites? Yes, it can happen, regardless of one’s political allegiance if one is to believe the left vs right dichotomy (which I think is largely poppycock, meant to separate groups via tribalism, etc). However, I think a number of people are reading between the tea leaves in this thread.

Do I think phk_at_ and others should potentially take a step back from the discussion and avoid digging a larger hole than has already been dug? Yes. It’s not my business to make people do that though, since I’m not in a leadership/policy making position.

Please leave this discussion on Twitter instead of flooding these mailing lists. Linux/OpenBSD should not be exposed to this unnecessary drama, and FreeBSD-CURRENT is the wrong mailing list for this (try freebsd-chat_at_ if you are so inclined).


PS I am not representing the FreeBSD project; I am only representing my personal opinion.
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