Re: DRM Project report (week of August 10)

From: Jan Beich <>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2020 20:44:38 +0200
Emmanuel Vadot <> writes:

>  Hello,
>  5.4 was finilly reached !
>  For AMD users it means that Navi12/14, Arctarus and Renoir should work.
>  For Intel users it means that TigerLake should work too.
>  No ports update for now as I want to give current users a bit of time
> to update their base (as the ports needs recent addition to
> base linuxkpi) but if you have a current >= 364233 you can test
> directly the master branch of
>  I plan to commit the port update at the end of the week, and probably
> at the end of the month we will switch drm-current-kmod to 5.4.
>  It's now time to do 2 main things :
>  - Update stable/12 so it have all the needed code to run 5.4
>  - Remove the remaining GPLv2 code to start thinking of import into
> base.

Upstream v5.4 was tagged on 2019-11-24. Did you check linux-5.4.y (LTS)
doesn't require more LinuxKPI changes? For example, when drm-v5.0 was
the latest I've played with grafting linux-4.19.y only to discover
some commits had to be reverted due to missing LinuxKPI bits.
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