APM BIOS set to go in FreeBSD

From: Warner Losh <imp_at_bsdimp.com>
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2020 15:42:20 -0600

APM BIOS support will likely be removed from FreeBSD for FreeBSD 13. This
was once quite important for LAPTOP users. However, it is now no longer
relevant. It stopped being supported around the time that ACPI started to
be released for laptops. This was around the Pentium 200MHz laptop
generation, give or take. ACPI was released in 1996 to replace APM, and had
largely done so by 2000. As such, this is 20-year obsolete technology.

The current APM code has been basically untested for a long time. So it's
unclear if the many blind changes to it have broken it or not. In addition,
there are some timekeeping improvements I'd like to make to the kernel that
APM is standing in the way of. I have no APM laptops that are still working
(my last one I retired in 1998 or so and is no longer powering on).

Rather than make yet another set of blind changes to a technology that's no
longer relevant and surely completely unused, I'd like to retire APM in

To that end, I'm looking for actual users of this APM that have used the
technology successfully in FreeBSD 12.0 or newer. Are there any such users

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