Re: APM BIOS set to go in FreeBSD

From: Kurt Jaeger <>
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2020 08:36:02 +0200

> APM BIOS support will likely be removed from FreeBSD for FreeBSD 13. This
> was once quite important for LAPTOP users. However, it is now no longer
> relevant. It stopped being supported around the time that ACPI started to
> be released for laptops. This was around the Pentium 200MHz laptop
> generation, give or take. ACPI was released in 1996 to replace APM, and had
> largely done so by 2000. As such, this is 20-year obsolete technology.

I think I still use it to this day for all my laptops to check
the battery status and put the laptop to sleep.
The commands I use are apm and zzz, and they still work.

What would be replacement commands ?

> To that end, I'm looking for actual users of this APM that have used the
> technology successfully in FreeBSD 12.0 or newer.

I can experiment and even can provide you remote access to laptops of that

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