Re: kyua test

From: Kristof Provost <>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2020 13:24:58 +0100
On 31 Jan 2020, at 7:34, Clay Daniels wrote:
> I've started running kyua test when I load the weekly current 
> snapshot, and
> I'm a little confused about if I should run kyua test as user or root. 
> In
> order to make the /usr/ports/devel/kyua port you need to be root and I 
> have
> just been doing the test as root, but I notice in the instructions I'm
> using in the test(7) manpage it says:
> $ kyua test -k /usr/tests/Kyuafile
> Which suggested to me run as user with the $ (not #)
> Of course, when I run it as user as I'm doing right now, it skips some
> tests that are only for root. I guess I could use a little advice.
Some tests require root, some do not. It depends on what you want to 
All tests that require root should announce this in their configuration, 
so running tests as a regular user should work, but you’ll end up with 
more skipped tests than if you run them as root.

I personally mostly care about network (and specifically pf) tests, so I 
tend to always run them as root. If you care about (e.g.) grep tests 
they should just work as a regular user.

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