Re: Geli encryption issue on r362779

From: Toomas Soome <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2020 18:23:11 +0300
> On 10. Jul 2020, at 18:05, Thomas Laus <> wrote:
>> On 2020-07-10 03:56, Toomas Soome wrote:
>>> ok, then next one is r363042. By nature it is an safeguard against read
>>> past disk end.
>>> If that does not do, we really need to insert checkpoints in code and
>>> see where exactly this reset will happen. Also note I
>>> have waiting in the queue.
>> I updated to r363042 and should complete building in a few hours.  I'll
>> post the results when complete.
> I updated my source to r363042 and the results on my laptop were a
> little worse.  I tried to boot 5 times and none were successful.  All of
> them killed the kernel and 4 left a stack trace.  I took a photograph of
> the stack trace, if it is any help.  If you need the stack trace, let me
> know where to post.  I don't think that this mailing list allows
> attachments.
> This is the same laptop that you helped me with a 'Geli Taste' issue a
> few months ago.  That problem never went completely away but was
> tolerable.  It only happens about once every 2 weeks instead of daily
> and always boots on the second attempt.
> Tom

You can mail it directly, thats no problem. But if you get kernel killed and stack traceā€¦ stack trace from kernel? So it does mean you do get loader running and kernel loaded? could you get to loader prompt and get output of command: smap ?

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