Re: CURRENT crashes at early boot on Lenovo T540p: rtsx to blame - 13.0-RELEASE crashes same way!

From: Lev Serebryakov <>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2021 16:59:35 +0300
On 07.05.2021 16:22, Gary Jennejohn wrote:

>>>> Looks like there is problem with rtsx driver!
>>>   Oh, I forgot to add: disabling SD Card Reader in BIOS solves problem!
>>> And console on these crashes is totally dead, and disks are not
>>> detected yet, so I can not look at structures in memory and/or
>>> dump core.
>> 13.0-RELEASE installation media crashes in same way if SD reader is
>> enabled in BIOS.
> I see that rtsx was added to GENERIC.  Might have been premature.
> The only thing I can recommend is to install with the SD card reader
> disabled in the BIOS.
  Yep, it works. Not only install, but booting of installed system too — any GENERIC kernel panics, even new, built by hands from latest sources.

> It may be the case that rtsx still works even if the card reader is
> disabled in the BIOS.  That's the first thing I would try out.
  Nope, it doesn't work (and I don't need it on this Laptop, to be honest). If SD reader is disabled in BIOS, it isn't detected at all.

> If that fails then generate a kernel with rtsx as a module rather than
> it being hard coded into the kernel.
> You could then re-enable the SD card reader in the BIOS and load the
> module to check whether the SD card reader works or causes a panic
> when the moduke is loaded.  This approach might make it possible to
> get a crash dump if a problem occurs.
  Ok, I'll try this, good idea.

  BTW, I've got hints that it it rtsx-related only after ~40 crashes, as most of stack traces don't have rtsx in them and are very generic. Looks like rtsx mangle kernel memory and it crashes in other places/kernel threads.

// Lev Serebryakov
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