Re: ATAng: ata1-slave CDRW is only sometimes detected - RESOLVED

From: Lefteris Chatzibarbas <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 01:03:57 +0300
On Tue, Sep 09, 2003 at 08:37:17PM +0300, Lefteris Chatzibarbas wrote:
> [...] 
> Most of the time the CDRW drive is not detected and I get:
> [...]

After today's commit to src/sys/dev/ata/ata-lowlevel.c (1.11 2003/09/10
09:57:16 sos), the ata1-slave CDRW is always detected correctly:

  atapci0: <VIA 8235 UDMA133 controller> port 0xfc00-0xfc0f at device 17.1 on pci0
  ata0: reset tp1 mask=03 ostat0=50 ostat1=00
  ata0-master: stat=0x50 err=0x01 lsb=0x00 msb=0x00
  ata0-slave:  stat=0x00 err=0x01 lsb=0x00 msb=0x00
  ata0: reset tp2 mask=03 stat0=50 stat1=00 devices=0x1<ATA_MASTER>
  ata0: at 0x1f0 irq 14 on atapci0
  ata0: [MPSAFE]
  ata1: reset tp1 mask=03 ostat0=50 ostat1=50
  ata1-master: stat=0x90 err=0x01 lsb=0x14 msb=0xeb
  ata1-slave:  stat=0x7f err=0x7f lsb=0x7f msb=0x7f
  ata1-master: stat=0x10 err=0x01 lsb=0x14 msb=0xeb
  ata1-slave:  stat=0x00 err=0x01 lsb=0x14 msb=0xeb
  ata1: reset tp2 mask=03 stat0=10 stat1=00 devices=0xc<ATAPI_SLAVE,ATAPI_MASTER>
  ata1: at 0x170 irq 15 on atapci0
  ata1: [MPSAFE]
  ata0-master: pio=0x0c wdma=0x22 udma=0x45 cable=80pin
  ad0: setting UDMA100 on VIA 8235 chip
  ad0: <WDC WD800JB-00ETA0/77.07W77> ATA-6 disk at ata0-master
  ad0: 76319MB (156301488 sectors), 155061 C, 16 H, 63 S, 512 B
  ad0: 16 secs/int, 1 depth queue, UDMA100
  ata1-slave: pio=0x0c wdma=0x22 udma=0x42 cable=80pin
  ata1-master: pio=0x0c wdma=0x22 udma=0x42 cable=40pin
  acd0: setting PIO4 on VIA 8235 chip
  acd0: <DV-516E/3.04> DVDROM drive at ata1 as master
  acd0: read 8250KB/s (8250KB/s), 256KB buffer, PIO4
  acd0: Reads: CDR, CDRW, CDDA stream, DVDROM, DVDR, packet
  acd0: Writes:
  acd0: Audio: play, 256 volume levels
  acd0: Mechanism: ejectable tray, unlocked
  acd0: Medium: no/blank disc
  acd1: unknown transfer phase
  acd1: setting PIO4 on VIA 8235 chip
  acd1: <CD-W524E/1.0A> CDRW drive at ata1 as slave
  acd1: read 6890KB/s (6890KB/s) write 4134KB/s (4134KB/s), 1404KB buffer, PIO4
  acd1: Reads: CDR, CDRW, CDDA stream, packet
  acd1: Writes: CDR, CDRW, test write, burnproof
  acd1: Audio: play, 256 volume levels
  acd1: Mechanism: ejectable tray, unlocked
  acd1: Medium: no/blank disc
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