Re: Bluetooth patch

From: John Hay <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 20:39:22 +0200
Hi Maksim,

> I have prepared Bluetooth mega patch for FreeBSD source tree. This patch
> updates FreeBSD sources to the most recent snapshot. The patch is quite
> extensive - it adds two new libraries (libbluetooth and libsdp) as well
> as puts some files into /etc/bluetooth and modifies quite a few other files.
> I also have modified Makefile's to add new libraries and usr.{s}bin/bluetooth
> to the build. 
> I've sent it to Julian and Ruslan, but they do not have free time to look
> at it. If anyone wants to review the patch please do so and let me know if
> i missed/forget anything. 
> The patch could be downloaded from

I had a look at the patch and here is my comments. I haven't tried it
yet, but I did try your latest snapshot. I haven't looked at the man
page markup, someone more knowledgable can do that, or it can be
committed and then Ruslan can have a look at it when he gets time.

There are lots of $FreeBSD$ changes. In a lot of the files that is the only

The additions in lib/Makefile, share/man/man5/Makefile should be sorted

I think libbluetooth and libsdp should be added to share/mk/
and then the Makefiles should be modified to use ${LIBBLUETOOTH} and ${LIBSDP}
on the DPADD lines. /usr/lib/libbluetooth.a should not be hardcoded otherwise
buildworld won't work correctly.

The + after DPADD and LDADD should be removed. It should only be used when
a Makefile have more than one DPADD or LDADD line

There should not be '-L/usr/lib' on the LDADD line.

PS. Will Julian commit it when there was a review or are you looking
for a committer too?

John Hay -- /
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