Re: Booting native 4K SSD disk from FreeBSD ?

From: Thomas Mueller <>
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2017 09:27:24 +0000
from Allan Jude:

> > Anyone has any recommendations or experience about how to use native 4K
> > disks with FreeBSD?

> > --HPS
> It is not possible in legacy/BIOS mode, because the BIOS calls do not
> let you specify a sector size.
> However, you SHOULD be able to boot from the 4k device using UEFI.
> I am trying to debug a problem I am having with this on my new Mac,
> which has a 4k NVMe disk.

I've been trying to figure how to boot a FreeBSD system with UEFI as opposed to BIOS-style.

I read the documentation, but want to boot a partition that might not be the first BSD partition on the hard disk.

For instance, some UFS partitions might have a NetBSD installation, a different FreeBSD installation, or no OS installation.

I read the man page (uefi) and looked at the files in /boot; have an EFI partition set up with more than enough space.

I would also want to be able to boot other UEFI-capable OSes including Linux, NetBSD (if that works), and Haiku when and if possible. 

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