Re: FreeBSD Core Team Response to Controversial Social Media Posts

From: Miroslav Lachman <>
Date: Sun, 12 May 2019 03:16:22 +0200
FreeBSD Core Team Secretary wrote on 2019/05/10 03:24:
> The FreeBSD Core Team is aware of recent controversial statements made
> on social media by a FreeBSD developer.  We, along with the Code of
> Conduct review committee, are investigating the matter and will decide
> what action to take.  Both the Core Team and the FreeBSD Foundation
> would like to make it clear that views shared by individuals represent
> neither the Project nor the Foundation.

This is incredibly stupid and I am really sad to read things like this 
in the mailinglist of my favourite operating system (again).
What will be next? Checking if developers do not smoke weed, drink 
alcohol or have sex without condom?

"Be well, John Spartan"

What's wrong with this world?

I am from the country where totalitarian regime ruled for 40 years. I 
was lucky to have seen freedom and lived freedom after the revolution 
many years ago but now I am afraid that we have Thought Police even in 
FreeBSD community. I never thought I'd live to fear again to speak freely.
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